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I have a advent computer running windows xp - service pack 3, I have a vivitar vivicam camera but am unable to view or download the images from my sd cards to my computer, I have 2 sd cards both 2gb, when I plug the camera to the usb port the computer instantly crashes - I have tried 2 of those little usb plug in devices, which, with or without the sd card in them still instantly crashes the computer, I have a belkin reader which the computer accepts, the computer even knows if there is a card in the reader (or not!!) but when I click on the icon a message in a small box states that 'the card is not formatted' , both cards are formatted and contain images which can be seen on a friends computer & my camera, my computer seems unable to read the cards, I have looked at the properties of the cards on my computer & a pie chart shows a solid blue pie & it states no bytes used & no bytes available, please can anyone suggest anything else I can try, thankyou very much, Simon..
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  1. It seems you have either a USB power problem or the wrong USB chipset drivers. Update your USB drivers from MFG. or chipset maker.
    Secondary, try and get a SELF powered card reader, not one drawing power from PC.
    Camera hookup requires you have drivers for that camera to read cards Through it.
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