Will my q9300 bottleneck my 4870 1GB and 4 GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM ? HELP

Hey everybody,

I am new in this community so if you detect any errors in my posting this topic please correct me. I just bought a new PC and i have a question about it. I am from Macedonia and our resources here are limited coming in high prices, so basically i was compelled to buy CPU: q9300, GPU: Radeon 4870 1gb and 4GB of DDR3 Kingston RAM on 1333Mhz..
My question is: Will my CPU bottleneck my GPU and RAM potentials? and if it does what do i do about it? Remember! What's done is done i am stuck with this CPU. Please help me, any advice would help. E.g. How can i get the best from my CPU so that i can use the full potentials from my GPU and RAM.
P.S. I have not and will NOT overclock a cpu or gpu ever. Peace. Please Help.
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  1. Well with overclocking out of the question there is very little you can do but the answer would be, no, I don't believe that the Q9300 would be much of a bottleneck to what you have there.
  2. At low resolutions it probably would, but as long as you run at least 1680x1050 you should be fine. Overclocking the CPU would help, but as you said you don't want to. I'm getting a GTX275 to pair with my old E6600. If I don't get bottlenecking then you certainly won't. But I won't know if I will until it arrives.
  3. Thanks for the reassuring comments. You guys really eased my mind. I expect my PC to arrive the day after tomorrow, so check with ya then. First impressions and stuff. P.S. I was on a low budget so i got AsusVW195 max res of 1440 so i'll run it like that. Peace y'all. C ya
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