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Not convinced I have a dead video card...yet.

So long story short(ish). I started up my computer about a week ago to have it running fine, then about an hour later shut down, and every time i started up I'd see green vertical lines on the loading screen, and then it would cut to a blue screen with a Page_fault in Non_page_are or something like that, and I'd have to run in safe mode.

Normally i can run my computer in safe mode or normal windows mode after I've temporarily uninstalled the video card. Also, earlier today I completely disassembled my computer and blew out all the fans and the video card and got them all cleaned (there was a significant amount of dust). Then when I booted up, it ran normally, I updated the graphics drivers, then after it started up again new, it almost immediately crashed on me again and now I'm back to running in safe mode.

My question is, does this mean my video card is just shot? or is there something else to blame for this? My warranty is up, so if i have to replace anything expensive, I'm going to just go ahead and have to buy a new computer.

My Specs:
Dell e1705
1.73ghz Core 2 duo
2.5 gbz ram (512 dell 2gb kingston)
Geforce 7900gs

Thank you for anyone who can help.
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  1. Could be your OS, try getting a hold of a live cd and boot with it instead. Maybe something like Ubuntu...
  2. Sounds like either the card or the memory might be dying, perhaps even the PSU, if maybe a 12V rail is dead/dying. Download and run the following progs:
    HW-Monitor (Runs in Windows) You'll be able to monitor voltages for fluctuations.
    Memtest86+ (Runs in DOS) download the iso, burn to CD, boot from it and run full memory test.
  3. RazberyBandit said:
    perhaps even the PSU, if maybe a 12V rail is dead/dying.

    It's a laptop
  4. Hah! e1705... didn't even see that part, just the specs. Also, when he said he opened it up and cleaned it out, well... Not too many people do that with laptops, so it kinda threw me.

    Memtest86+ still applies, despite it being a laptop. :)
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    Before you update the drivers run driver sweeper.
    You should be able to get it at
    It wlii get rid of any remnants of old drivers which is important with Nvidia drivers.
    You may have to do it 2 or 3 times to get them all.
    You will know you got it when you boot normally and have plain ole VGA graphics.
    Then install the new drivers and reboot and see if it is better.
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