X-Fi disappears after restart

Hello, I'm having trouble with my 2 years old X-Fi XtremeGamer. When I reinstall drivers (but no restart), everything works like charm. After single restart some applications (like foobar2000) continue to work (e.g. plays sound) but other (like Media Player Classic + everything else) doesn't work. When I open Control Panel - Sound there's message: No device found. I'm using suspend function (sleep) so I haven't found it out immediately. Today I suspended my computer and it didn't (some failrue) so I shut it down then started it up later. Everything works normally except no sound.

Can anybody help me, please?
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  1. Hi M

    I bought my Fatality upon it's release pre Vista and it was a sweet card running with XP. But with Vista the card (drivers's) had too many problems, including some of the ones you mentioned above like no device found, among many other issues. Things were so bad I yanked the card and bought an ASUS Xonar. About two months ago I installed Windows 7 and decided to give the X-fi another go in my other rig. The card is running without issue just like old times, no BSOD's, no slow shutdowns, no losing speaker settings after reboot, no device not found in the control panel. It don't cost anything right now to run Windows 7 you might want to give it a shot. BTY I have an nVidia chipset.
  2. starams5: Well, thanks but I'm actually using XP SP2, so that's not the issue. It was working like a charm like 1-2 weeks ago and suddenly it doesn't. I'm worried whether it is hardware issue or just some glitch in Windows (or registries), because my onboard sound card also sucks (at sound quality, software/driver bugs and some BSODs) so I really need to solve this X-Fi problem.

    Should I use some driver cleaner/eraser/...? After so many driver reinstalls it might be a good thing to do.
  3. "XP SP2, so that's not the issue" I had a feeling you might say something like that. If your back is against the wall, try this. Go here and download the freeware version of Driver Cleaner:


    Uninstall all X-fi driver's & software. Reboot into safe mode and run Driver Cleaner, select Creative from the drop down menu and start cleaning. Boot back into normal Windows and empty the recycle bin and re-install Creative.
  4. starams5: thx, helped & working correctly now.
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