Which will server me better - 9800GT SLI or single 4870?

I have a 9800GT (love it). I can go 9800 SLI easily for roughly the same cost of outright replacing with a 4870. Which would be better? 9800GT's in SLI? Or a single 4870?

I'm leaning towards SLI with the 9800GT unless a 4870 is that much more compelling.

If these make a difference.. I'm playing a lot of Stalker and Clear Sky, might pick up Fallout 3 soon for PC (rather than 360). I also do mod work in Source and Unreal.

(not really interested in anything other than those 2 choices)
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  1. Two 9800GTs in SLi is basically a 9800GX2, so it will be equal to or slightly superior to a GTX280. The GTX280 is in turn, superior to the GTX260-192/216, which in turn is equal to the 4870.

    If your board is an SLi board, go for the 9800GTs in SLi. If it can also handle Xfire, consider 2x4850s or 2x4870s. Just remember that SLi is more bang for your buck now, but it is harder to upgrade in the future.
  2. Appreciate it - thanks!
  3. Well BlueScreen has explained nearly everything...But majorly the SLI option will depend on the Mobo you have...
    So if its a SLI mobo, go with the 9800GT...should be good for about a year or more...but would limit your graphic upgrade options in the future as you would have to replace 2 cards...
    2 9800GT if you have an SLI board...
    Single 4870 if your mobo is non SLI...
  4. I'm going with the SLI..

    I've got about $225+/- allocated for this upgrade - which can either buy a good 4870 or a budget SLI board and 2nd 9800gt (been planning to replace the motherboard for a while - need more ram slots than the 2 I have now). Not a super hardcore gamer, but this should handle anything I throw at it for a while.
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