Freezer 7 rev.2 vs Noctua NH-U9B SE2

Right, I just bought a new computer, and the fan that comes with the CPU sounds like a helicopter taking off. I need a new one. I've decided between these two. Which one gives the best cooling, but more important: Which one is the most quiet?
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  1. noctua hands down............ especially with the LNA and ULNA adapters........... i found the freezer 7 noisy especially at higher speeds............
  2. Are you being serious? The Noctua will obviously perform better... After all it is basically 20$ more than the Freezer 7, then again the freezer was never good. The Noctua will perform quieter as well, and since it has two fans in push-pull it'll perform better.

    It's comparable to a lot of other coolers with 120mm fans so that's good.
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