CPU Cooler for XFX 790i Ultra Motherboard

Had this board for awhile now, as when I first purchased the board, I found it had issue's with CPU coolers which used a back plate to screw the cooler into. I originally had a Thermalright 120 Extreme, which used a back plate to install the cooler. After installation of the cooler, the back plate would make windows "Blue screen" on start up every time, this was then fixed by removing the Thermalright 120 extreme and putting back in the Intel stock cooler. (Socket 775)

I've recently seen the "Cooler Master z600" installed on the XFX 790i Ultra, as the back plates design is a little different to that of the Thermalright but this was only an image of a PC on the internet. So before I go out and buy this cooler, could anyone confirm if the z600 would be compatible? Or any recommdations of CPU Coolers that will install correctly due to the back plate issues, and the large north bridge heat sink on the XFX 790i Ultra motherboard.

Any help would be great thanks.
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  1. I can't confirm if it's compatible. But I have a Zalman CNPS 9700 NT on my xfx 790i. It was annoying getting the back plate on it fits in area around the boards heatsink. I haven't had a blue screen yet but the Zalman cooler's fins bend easy that is the only that I didn't like about it.
  2. Did the Cooler Master z600 work in the nvidia 790i motherboard?
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