Hd2900xt or two 9600gt in sli

That card of video is better?
One hd2900xt of 512 or two 9600gt of 512 in sli
hd2900xt or two 9600gt in sli
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  1. if you want to go with ATI go with the 4850 or the 4830, the 2900xt is a peace of crap
  2. Two 9600GTs in SLI. Generally the 2900XT will give you performance a little above a Radeon 4670 or 3870, but a bit below a single 9600GT in just about everything except for the few instances where the insane 512bit bi-directional ring bus gives it an advantage, which is usually where it's unplayable anyway. Go with the two 9600GTs.
  3. If you've already got those cards, I'd go with the dual 9600GT setup. If you're planning on purchasing new card(s), then you should probably reconsider your options completely.

    Unless you're specifically limited to those few cards for some reason, something else, dare I say ANYTHING else, that came after those particular cards. On the higher-end scale, of course.

    4850, 4870, 9800GTX(+), GTS250, GTX260... all better in not just single card performance, but dual-card as well (in most titles and moreso at high resolutions).
  4. ok thank you very much for your help, and if I'm limited to the cards mentioned here in mexico full range of cards are at a higher price to 400
  5. Hd4850 would be a best choice
  6. Quote:
    9600GT's are crap for gaming. Id consider other options like 4830's or 8800GT's.

    Absolutely not true.

    two gt9600 in sli would give you a very good performance. Check web for benchmarks.
    So if you already have a gt9600 you can get another one for very cheap. If you are building a new system then go with something newer, depending on your budget hd4850 or hd4870 will give you nice performance/price ratio
  7. I'd say 9600GT SLI between those two options.

    However, considering I'm finding 9600GT's online for about $80 (USD) each, I'd much rather buy a brand new GTX 260 Core 216 and run a single higher end card myself.

    MSI GTX 260 Core 216 $189 - $30 MIR = $159 + Free Far Cry 2 game.

    Overall, better performance for about the same price.

    Of course, I don't know what you can get the card for in Mexico. I doubt NewEgg.com ships to Mexico, but I could be wrong.

    This would also require a decent CPU & PSU to keep up with the demands of the GTX 260 though. So there's a bit more to it than price.
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