Sell my 256 SSD for Raid 0?

I currently have a Corsair P256 SSD in my system. It's nice, but I really wasn't blown away and now I'm thinking about changing.

First: Do people buy used SSDs? Or is there a problem with degradation?

Second: Would two velociraptors in raid 0 be comparable speedwise to one P256 SSD?


I7 920 @ 3.6ghz
Corsair P256 SSD
WD 320GB 7200rpm HD
Corsair Dominator 6GB DDR3 RAM
ATI Radeon 5970
Corsair 850W PSU
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  1. 1) If the SSD has TRIM support, you will be able to sell the SSD after you do secure erase, which should bring it back to almost like new state.

    2) You will get similar read / write speeds but no where near the access speeds. Also, you increase your risk with data lost by going with a RAID0 setup.

    I would keep your current setup of the SSD and maybe upgrade your secondary drive with a newer single 500GB platter based hard drive (Samsung Spinpoint F3, Seagate 7200.12 for example).
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