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Greetings all - new member with a question, probably a basic one... hope you can help.

I want to install a 1394b card on my two-year-old motherboard. My motherboard apparently has the following expansion slots:

Two PCI slots
Two PCI Express x1 slots
Three PCI Express x16 Graphics slots
One PCI Express x16 Graphics Expansion slot (electrical x8)

It also has onboard 1394a described as "Two 1394a ports with rate of transmission at 400 Mbps".

So, my question is, can I install the 1394b card at in one of the above slots without messing things up, while still achieving true 800 Mbps speed? If so, which of the above slots would be best? I want to make sure that the motherboard itself and the PCI Express slot are both compatible with the 1394b card that I install.

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. Hi B

    There is only one slot of the above mentioned that you can install the card in, the PCI slot. The card will not work in the PCIex slot, and yes you should be able to get up to 800 Mbps speeds as long as the card supports it.
  2. Thanks - one more question for you or any others. I currently have 1394a Firewire ports integrated on the motherboard. Do I need to disable or otherwise modify those ports to avoid conflicts with the PCI slot Firewire 800 card?

    Also, I am installing on XP SP3... looks like I need to edit the registry to modify the "SIDspeed" parameter, does that sound right?

    Anything else I should know?

    Thanks for any info...

  3. I am no Firewire expert, or expert on anything else for that matter. I was able to answer your first question because it was pretty basic but I would think the product support CD that comes with this hardware would automatically add the entries to the registry.
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