Can I Merge Partitions from two different internal HD's to make RAID 0

While searching for an answer to this question, I stumbled upon the following thread. It doesn't necessarily address my exact issue but may provide a little insight to what I'm working with:

I have a sony vaio with two separate 120GB hard drives, originally they came in a RAID0 config, which I disabled because I was having trouble installing Ubunut along side Win 7.

So as it turned out I now have two smaller partitions that I would like to link up to be one larger partition.

When I boot up, I get the option (cntl + i) to get into the intel matrix storage manager options, and I have the option to create a RAID (0 or 1), but I do not have the option to "select disks" that option is greyed out. When I try to move along with the RAID, it warns that all data on disks will be lost etc. etc. I don't really want to have to re-install windows right now, I wish I could just merge the two partitions, but I don't think I can cause they are each on separate disks.

I guess worst-case senario I could create an image of my windows partition, create the RAID, and then reload my image?? I've never done this but I assume its possible eh?
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    When creating any RAID array all data will be erased there is no way around that, you can however make an imagine of your windows partition, make the RAID and restore the image.

    I know this from personal experience.
  2. Yeah I was afraid of this.... ok do you know how this is done? I'm sure there are programs specific to backing up your windows config.... I just don't want to have to go through and change all my settings again etc.... that takes forever
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