Problem with changing 1333 to 1600

I have a msi 870a-g54 mobo and the corsair xms3 kit
I was experiencing 30 seconds freeze once in awhile so I search for some post here and found out it might be related to the rams. So First i set the timing 9-9-9-24-41-2T which I got from CPU-Z and the voltage to 1.662 with these setting I can boot into window fine. But if i try to change the dram frequency from 1333 to 1600 the computer will freeze on the window bootup screen. Please help if you know what the problem is. Thanks a lot.
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  1. run memtest86 for a few hours and see if it comes up with any memory errors.
  2. Thanks for responding I'll try that and get back to you.
  3. oh, same problem with mine, i have ocz 12800 on q9450. if i run default cpu 2.6 with 1333 ram, ratio 1:2 no problem
    if i raise FBS 400 and DRAM 1600, it crash my windows random, fails any test i tried.

    After i OC my cpu to 3.5Ghz and lower dram 1200 ratio 3.4, its work just fine

    So i think u never gonna be running full speed cpu 3.2ghz 1600mhz ram , it will crash.

    have to kill one and take one either ram or cpu.\
    just my opinon cuz i been digging on google for months but now i gave up, i chose cpu over ram. ( 1200mhz ddr3 with 3.5Ghz cpu still a good number for me anyways)
  4. ok so I ran the test 13 pass no error with 1333 setting but when I change it to 1600 the test won't even start.
    To imkool0316: Do you have the same board? Do you think if flashing the bios would work?
  5. It sounds like a common problem for that board.
    You might try setting it to 1600 and the timmings to auto and see if it will boot.
    If it does check and see what it set the timings to.
    It may not run at 1600.
  6. yea I tried setting just 1600 and everything else auto it doesn't run. I might try to flash the bios and see what happen since their new update has improved memory compatibility.
  7. Ok i had a hard time getting my gskill ripjaws to run at 1600 on this board too. I couldnt run P95 for more than 1 second. I finally found the settings I needed in the bios itself:

    Cell Menu>Memory-Z>DIMM SPD Info>XMP Support

    it should show you the settings you want to put everything at to run at the rated specs. 1600 in your case

    just manually set these settings and auto everything not listed. Thats what I did and it didnt I manually upped the voltage once to 1.536 (my RAM specific) and its working perfectly now
  8. @1120 : no. im on Asus P5E3 Premium, but what cpu u on now ?? AMD right ?
  9. I tried setting all the spec to the require but still couldn't get in window so I will be sticking with the auto setting . but thanks anyway.
    @imkool0316 yea I'm running AMD Phenom II 965.

    The main problem I'm dealing with is the random freeze that I get. I'm not sure what is causing the problem. Any suggestion?
  10. Try upping the ram voltage one step at a time after you've manually set the timings. There's no reason why you shouldn't get it to run @ 1600
  11. I just tried that to 1.69 and still didn't work. Whenever I try to put the freq to 1:4 that's 1600. it wouldn't let me get into window.
  12. Might've been overlooked but your processor DOES support 1600 ram right?
    only reason I ask is my x3 435 does, but my other halfs x3 435 only supports 1333,
    might be worth looking into imo
  13. how can I find out if my cpu supports it or not? I've read around just now and most of the people said it supports only up to 1333.
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    When I got the Gf's chip, I googled the letters/numbers on the box,(adx325wfgibox), which led me to a processor specs page, I was so close to ordering her 1600Mhz ram and had only googled it out of interest lol, if you still have your box handy look up your chip, it may be that it only suppports 1333Mhz
    Failing that the code printed on the chip itself (But that means taking heatsink off and re-seating etc)
  15. Yea my cpu only supports up to 1333Mhz. So I guess that's the problem why I can't set it to run at 1600Mhz. Thanks for the headups Moto.
    I have another problem regarding the random freezing/lag. It comes randomly and it will freeze up my computer for like 20 seconds or so and then everything go back to normal after.
  16. cool, glad to see you resolved one issue at least,
    try resetting the ram to auto or clearing the bios, see if that helps,
  17. ok so I tried to reset the ram and the bios but no help. Could it be something else that's causing the freezing?
  18. Take a look at this thread for more info ( i7 860 work with 1600mhz memory??)
  19. thanks for the info. Il try to oc my cpu when I read more into it. Thanks for all the answers
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  21. Thank you for B.a. man, all is well now I take it?
  22. I will try to OC the cpu to get the rams to work in 1600 and for the freezing issue I found another post with similar issue so I will try to have a fresh install and test out the hardware hopefully it will solve the problem.
    Thanks for all the help. I will be posting if any problem comes up in the future.
  23. cool, take it easy man :)
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