Crossfire 4830 vs 4870

I recently built a system with a 4830...its a pretty decent card for the price...however I want the best i can get now...I was thinking of crossfiring it with another 4830...but idk...

My problem is my motherboard is based on the 790gx chipset so it will only crossfire at 8x8 instead of question is would a 8x8 crossfired 4830 still outperform one 4870?

im leaning towards the crossfirin 4830 bcuz i kno 2 4830 can beat one 4870....but alll the reviews used 16x16 mobos...

Does 8x8 cripple crossfire much?

P.S I just bought that buying a 4870 would make that a wasted purchase...idk...what yall think? Also i game at 1920x1080..!
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  1. Dont think any further...get the 4830 for the crossfire...
    You wont notice any performance difference between 8x8 and 16x16 setup...
    It will easily outperform the 4870 in x8x8...
  2. Or one 4870 now and another later...
  3. The 790GX has CrossFire X, meaning the GPUs don't have to match perfectly anymore. You're not limited to purchasing another 4830 to Crossfire it. Sure, CrossFiring a 4870 or 4850 with a 4830 won't scale as well as two 4870s or two 4850s, but it does work. At that resolution, the more powerful the card(s) you can get, the better.

    You could also attempt to exchange it for a 4870 or 4850. If not, consider my previously mentioned options or replacing the 4830 (w/ the 4870/4850) and selling it to recover some of the cost, as well. I'm not entirely certain two 4830s would outperform a single 4870 (especially a 1GB version) in most situations regardless if it were in a 2 x 16x (though the performance gain vs. 2 x 8x is minimal) at that resolution.
  4. RazberyBandit makes a very good could buy the 4870 and crossfire it with ur current 4830 and then later down the road add another 4870
  5. +1 on crossfirex'ing a 4870 with your 4830 and then getting another later.
  6. wouldnt a crossfired 4870 and 4830 jus perform like a 2 4830s since the higher card has to lower its performance to match the lower card?
  7. Get two 4830s. Or you can go for two 4870s in the future.

    But I recommend two 4830s now and wait for DX11 cards to come out.
  8. +1 to BlueScreenDeath. Two 4830 will be ok for now and when that is no longer the case you can swap them both, the 4870 probably won't be a very good choice by that time any more.
    It's like someone with a 7800GT card buying a second one to SLI them now because he or she is not getting enough performance out of one, buying a single card like a 4850 will be a better option right now.
    Bottom line, if you buy a 4870 and wait until you need more power for buying another, then by then 2x 4870 won't get you very far, get a second 4830 now and in the future change them both for better cards (DX 11 possibly) when you need it.
  9. +1 on BlueDeathScreen, DX11 is just a around the corner and another wave of cards is coming soon, stick on to it for a while (maybe you'll want a 4890) and if you don't like the new generation get another 4830 and wait for DX11 cards priced reasonably.
  10. Toms did an article on crossfire for 2 x 4830's,2098.html

    looks like a very worthwhile $90 upgrade to add the second card
  11. Might be worth waiting to see the HD 4770. Should be a little stronger than the HD 4830, but the price will be very close, and it might push the price down on the HD 4830. I'd wait the week or two before making your purchase, just to see.
  12. Just save money and get 4830 cf. That will last you for some time till dx 11.
  13. the "7800GT" argument is decisive here.

    also, sli 4830 is gonna look alot less "wastefull" in two years because its a pretty energy efficient card. less noisy too.
  14. get a 4870 now, and another down the road
  15. this all sounds good...but no one is coming to a sound since dx 11 cards are coming soon...such i jus get nothing and wait for them in the coming should i get a second 4830....i agree with waitin in case of price drop...but about the 4870...its sounds like thats a bad decision
  16. The 4890 comes out tomorrow, wait about a week and see where the prices are then. But if you HAVE to get something today, 4870 now then later get another. Plus the 4770 is right around the corner, you are in the transition stage for another set of cards, I would wait just a little longer.
  17. On another note, what resolution are you playing at? It's the biggest deciding factor on whether sli/crossfire is worth it.
  18. 4830s do not have any future security. They'll just fade away if you ask me. Not so with the 4870
  19. macabre215 said:
    On another note, what resolution are you playing at? It's the biggest deciding factor on whether sli/crossfire is worth it.

    I think it is 1920 by 1020
  20. I game at 1920x1080...and im beginning to understand it isnt the best time to upgrade I guess Ill just wait and see where things are by the beginning of May.
  21. kirvinb said:
    wouldnt a crossfired 4870 and 4830 jus perform like a 2 4830s since the higher card has to lower its performance to match the lower card?

    I don't believe that it is true that one card has to lower its performance to that of the other when using Crossfire. While I don't yet have a Crossfire setup myself, all the technical documents I've looked at from ATI show that at least when using Scissors or Tiling mode the system dynamically balances the load, so that each card gets a chunk of the workload appropriate to its speed and capabilities.
  22. :bounce: Hmmmm.... I have been thinking about this question myself and I have seen a lot of contradictory opinions like the one's posted in this thread.
    If you are interested in reading up about test results between 4830 CF and 4780 1 GB this is the best article I have found:

    Now .... to reply which is the better of the 2, My 2 cents:

    It goes like this - if you are out after the best deal there is no doubt whatsoever that the 4830 is the choice. $75 after mail in rebates will net you a 4830 as good as any other and don't even get the slightest caught up in fancy coolers, the 4830 runs much cooler than the 4780 will. I is a tremendous deal for the price - 4830 CF solution for around $150. Not only does it trounce the performance of the best $150 :sol: other options at stock - the 512MB 4870, it also smacks down the all of the $170-230 :non: solutions involving various stock or overclocked 1GB 4870's or 216 core 260GTX's. :D And thats only the starter, for the entree' you can overclock the 4830 easy from its stock 575 GPU to over 700Mhz and its memory from 900Mhz to 1000+Mhz easy peasy! Now thats something because what you have then is petty much the same as 2 stock 4850 running CF :o - its gonna put hurt on the 280 GTX and shame the 285 GTX for being so dear. :ouch:

    And what you might ask is the bonus dessert? Well, it comes with the package too: Excellent scaling in CF configurations when playing real life games at 1680x1080 and 1920x1200, namely between 80-105% increase consistently in FPS from the single card!!! The 4870 doesn't manage this near as consistent varying between 50-85% increases in CF. Don't believe me? - Its all here in this extensive CF/SLI test: (same scaling as the 4850 because drivers are almost exactly the same)- I mean did you actually think I do any benchies? - heck no I just read stuff and regurgitate it like a seagull - :whistle:

    So we've come to the conclusion now that 4830 is the best GPU solution with regards to bang for the buck and has the best scaling in crossfire (similar to that of the 4850). Well, there are more questions we need to ask: Will it let you play all you new games now that you want to at the highest settings?

    Another shocker: Yes! 4830 CF when OC'ed will play almost every game brand new or old can be played at max setting with the eye candy turned up so high it makes you eye's pop - just check the results out there, in fact it only falls short in a few games - Far cry 2 and crysis warhead at 2560x1600 resolution - but it flys high in the same games at 1920x1200. In fact its a bit insignificant because even the 4870 CF solution can't play those 2 games at 2560x1600 anyways. So answer for now is that you will be getting the best performance (above 30-40 FPS) on every new game at 1920x1200 resolution .. at least for now.

    Then there is that other question: "Future Proofing" :pfff: - personally I think it is one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard. How do you future proof in a industry with the highest rate of innovation and development turnover known to man!? Well the answer to that is of course you can try by wasting a lot of money - but even then you may not succeed. If you really hate me for saying this I am sorry, :sarcastic: but look at a previous thread comparison I made on this topic before you critique me - you might find that buying the high medium - top end is not always as future proof or financially as logical as you first thought:

    The bottom line on future proofing is this - spend only as much money as you need to play the games you like - save the rest and try to upgrade your pc once ever 1-2 years if you can be assed (otherwise just waste a bucket load and sit back for 3 years before you have to do it again :pt1cable: ). So in the light of this revelation (well maybe its not, and it isn't my idea either - I took it from a variety of other sources who are like minded about this :ange: ) you're 4830 will probably not be as hot of an item end 2009 - beginning 2010. However truth be told, neither will the 4870 (even though some here seem to think so), mainly because DX11 is coming out, and likely so will the 5800 series. So I think the best bet is to hold out till then and see if the next generation is better instead of buying a then obsolete 4870 number 2. The $85 you save on not buying the first 4870 and the extra money you save not buying the second in a years time (who knows how much that will be) will definitely be enough to get you a next generation 5800 series - just make sure to buy the best bang for the buck of that too...

    Of course I have now bigged up the 4830 CF solution to the extend that it sounds like a WWII propaganda reel :na: - but there are also so downsides:
    1. About 50W more power draw than the 4870 single card (more if OC'ed)
    2. It doesn't have the "I'm a big boy hardware know-it-all factor that the 4870 has"
    3. GDDR5 memory is pretty cool

    Conclusion: The sensible choice is of course the 4830 CF, although waiting till the 4770 comes out might not be a bad idea before you buy.

    -However if you like the 4870, its raw power, cooler looking GPU cards and the idea of the bragging rights it will give you - get it, you probably won't be disappointed either because its a good card and you'll probably never remember all the money you could have saved.
    Its kind of like buying an Audi R8 instead of a Nissan GTR, the Audi is actually not as fast but my oh my does it look cool! And somehow 2 of them together are faster than one in both cases :heink: -

    On that bombshell I wish you the best of luck with you're purchase and future gaming - good night.
  23. Check this out for more info on the up and coming RV740 solutions (4750 and 4770):

    Looks like it might even be a better deal than the 4830 if the prices stays as low as suggested
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