Is the EVGA x58 le mobo good?

on newegg:

but im getting from frys for $20 cheaper.

im planning on overclocking, and sli all the way.

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  1. Looking at customer reviews it looks good.
  2. However, reading one of the reviews, SLI is a problem for one of them, preventing the sound card from working.

    "PCIe slots. The problem I have with this board is that the PCIe 2.0 slots are from top to bottom 16/8/4/8.

    When I went sli I lost the ability to run my xfi card. Why? Because I couldn't put my 280 on the bottom slot because it's an air cooler dual slot and it wouldn't fit. Therefore I had only 2 options. Put it in the second slot x8 or the 3rd slot x4. Obviously I had to put it in the x8 slot. When I did this my card covered my PCI slot that my Xfi was on. The only other option for a sound card was a PCIe sound card but wait..........nope, the top card in the x16 slot covered that one. SO...........I am now running realtek onboard sound, which in all fairness is working great and I can tell no difference between it and my xfi, but it sill sucks that my xfi is now collecting dust."
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