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I'm sure you're all tired of the noobs but i've run into a prob. machine posts, can get into bios , but when i try to load vista i get a screen with a progress bar says loading files, then blue background with cursor/timer then timer diappears and the sys just sets there. cursor still moves with mouse. here's my sys.
gigabyte p45-ud3r
evga gtx 260
WD 500gb black
4gb ocz plat 1066
600w ocz modstream psu
intel E8400
RAM posts as 4gb 1066
cpu posts at 3ghz
sys initially would not post
unplugged everything and restarted each time with one more hookup and now posts with everything
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  1. i just found RAM v supposed to be at 2.2 currently 1.8 so i'll try that.
  2. i tried that, didn't work
  3. can you try running ram at 800 for now what about your tempatures
    in bios for cpu ?
  4. thanks marco i think i found my prob. IF at first you don't succede WAIT A LITTLE LONGER. I just wasn't patient enough. It's loading now. i downclocked the RAM to 800 (or didn't overclock depending on your point of view) cpu at 29 C so that's fine.
  5. Great good luck with your setup sounds nice!
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