New Build - Need Some Selection Suggestions

Hi everyone:

It's time to upgrade my P3 933mhz... err, build anew. I'd like your help and comments on what I've been planning to buy.

Pieces I've decided on:
Asus P6T6 WS Revolution
Intel Core i7 920
BFG GeForce GTX 275 OC
WD VelociRaptor 300 (primary HDD)
Cooler Master V8 cooler

I've got another $600 to spend and I still need a PSU, RAM and Case and need the following components.

Case - Must be a mid-tower that can fit the V8. Been looking at the Cooler Master Storm Scout or Cooler Master Storm Sniper.

RAM - Not really sure on this one. I don't want value RAM. I was thinking of going with the most recent $1300 Tom's build RAM.

Power Supply - Must be modular, all suggestions welcome 850w+. I've been looking at the Ultra X3 1000w or Thermaltake Toughpower 1000w.
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  1. For the power supply, newegg and zipzoomfly have pc power and cooling 750w power supplies on sale for less then $100 after rebate. Pc power and cooling have up to 60 amps on the 12v rail, more than enough for almost any video card setup. For the case, consider the noise factor. If you're not into extreme overclocking, then one fan in front and one in back may be all you want. I personally hate noise, and will put up with higher temps to avoid it. For the ram, had some ocz 1333 ddr3 (3x2gb modules) for about $67 including shipping with no rebate. Best deal I've seen on 6 gb. I don't have the link; do a search at
  2. why so much power for that system?
  3. 850w power supply would be more than enough for your system even if you went SLI GTX 275. Newegg now offers the corsair 850w modular and they have a nice MIR deal on the 1kw.

    For a bit less than the price of the sniper you could go Full Tower and get the HAF 932. Plenty of room and cooling options. The scout has free shipping with promo though if you act really soon though. Any of those cases would be a good choice. i7 does not seem to be overly affected by ram so do not bother overspending.
    This is a pretty good deal.
  4. Thanks for the info everyone!

    I wasn't sure what power I would need for this system, hence my 1000w fixation.

    Xaira and logainofhades both suggested the Corsair modular PSUs, especially the 850w. The 1000w Corsair on NewEgg is down to $209.99 after all the rebates. I think keeping my future upgrade options open, it might be a good deal at only $10 over the 850w. I agree that I would save money on a non-modular PSU but I like the clean look.

    As for the SSD drive, I'm still mixed about the longevity of them and the true cost/performance benefits. I'm going to take a closer look since the SSD is cheaper than the Velociraptor, and I'll do a little research into the SSD. I like the thought of the SSD but have my apprehensions.

    I think I have a good idea with everyone's suggestions as to the RAM. So my only last concern is the case. I'll check out all of the suggestions here and probably make a purchase really soon (possibly today).

    Thanks again, more suggestions are still welcome! :) I'm glad I posted here!
  5. Cooler Master HAF 922
    Corsair HX520
    OCZ Platinum 1600

    I would also change the cooler to Xigmatech Dark Knight, better performance for less.

    Any reason for choosing that mobo over the P6T Deluxe?
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