Need advice overclocking a overclock unfriendly system

I know I could just buy a new mother board and other components but I don't have the extra money at the moment, so my only free option is to overclock what I have.

I have a dell inspiron 531 that can only be overclocked with software when running Windows 7, I've managed to raise the Bus Speed from 200 MHz to 228 MHz, anything higher than that makes my system freeze, I'm assuming its because my ram can't handle it. I'm overclocking with nTune and I can't lock my RAM's bus or raise my CPU's multiplier.

My question is: what software is compatible and reliable with AMD CPUs that can change multipliers or lock RAM's Bus?
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  1. I've used CrystalCPUID and it looks like my CPU's multiplier can't go higher than 10x since I can only choose a handful of options which are lower than 10x.
    Does any one know if there is a way to raise the overclock on a dell inspiron 531?
  2. I think you have done about all you can.
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