GA-P35-DS3 raid problem

I have a GA-P35-DS3 motherboard.

I want to install a raid based hard drives.

In the motherboard manual has said, to select Sata Raid/AHCI mode, and there select raid

But somehow i dont have this kind of options, but should be.

What must i do to have this option.
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  1. There should be another letter after the DS3 - 'P', 'R', or 'L' - need this to identify your board. Also, at least one of these boards has more than one revision - this info may help, as well. You can find it here:

    That said, I'll try to point out a general procedure for finding this adjustment. When your system boots, it will likely show one of two screens - this one:

    for which you need to press <TAB> to get to the next one, or it may start with the next one:

    Once at this screen, you will need to press <DEL> to enter the BIOS:

    where the "Integrated Peripherals" page contains your RAID settings...
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