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Hello. I bought a pc didnt build it. It came with a 2.8 ghz phenem ii x4 820. When I open ati overdrive I cannot adjust anything. Is this because the computer is factory? Is there anything I can do to be able to overdrive the cpu or my ati 5450 untill I can upgrade it? Thank you in advance.
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  1. can you give us more details on the system?
    can you get into the bios at all? are there any options open to you in there?
  2. how do I get into the bios?. and my motherboard is a rs780 by gateway if that helps.
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    Bios is normally accessed by pressing delete or an F-key whilst turning the system on, does yours say anything like ' press F8 to enter bios'?
    **Edit, looks like your stuck trying software-based overclocks if anything,,
    possibly flashing bios might help, but I wouldn't bother to be honest, save up and build a killer system :)
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  5. thanks alot.. Im not even going to go into the bios. Just going to save for a sick system :) thanks
  6. Thank you for B.A. man, and when you come to build your sick system, we're here to help with that :)
  7. ati overdrive is related to video card over clocking. if it is offed by the video card as a feature it will by default be locked as there is a key like icon at the top of the ati overdrive window. which must be clicked to unlock the overdrive slider bars.

    as for cpu over clocking the bios would have those settings
    or attempt amd OVERDRIVE software
    but i have had no success in experiencing any positive results from Amd overdrive tool.

    the phenom2 is highly over clockable but if its not a black edition the multipliers may be not as varied
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