Reset Port Error and Disk Boot Failure

Hey guys,

This happened randomly when i came back from work. At startup it says Port 01: Reset Port Error. Sometimes when I restart it, I just get DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER.
When i keep restarting it, Windows 7 manages to boot after a few attempts, I surf on the internet/play some games for 3 mins...freezes.

I went to system setup, the hard drive is first in the boot order. I dont have a clue as to what I should do. Please help me out?

Thank you
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  1. Move the HDD data cable to another SATA port. Or replace the data cable.
  2. I swapped the cables from the one going into my dvd drive and now my error is "Port 00: Reset Port Error" rather than "Port 01: Reset Port Error" ?

    Thank you
  3. pleese help, starting from the beginning i had an HP easy drive that i lost the adapter too, i opened it up and took the USB adapter thing out (now its just a drive) at first my issue was that it showed up as functioning but not displaying on the my computer. i followed online instruction and tried to initialise. it told me it couldnt then i did the same but in administrator. this time it said "your device isnt ready" and an error ballon came below saying "disk port plugged in, then timed, out and finally MDD error." however my drive is recognized in the Bios as a single device..or somthing not as RAID and the thing that changed from getting the error was that when i try to have the device plugged in, the start screen wont preceed untill its unplugged and yes i set it for the other to to be plugged and now the disk drive wont even recognize and nothing shows up on computer manager...PLEESE HELP i even tried to recover the old verson of windows i have on discs..and uninstalling the raid worked fine untill i tried to initialise it with administator right sorry if im mispelling. ih have a 64bit HP desktop with a TB harddrive
    WD this is the same that wont work itlll only show up at all in BIOS before the screen goes black
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