Asus Rampage Formula LCD Poster Not Working!

I have the 775 socket Asus Rampage Formula motherboard and my LCD Poster that reads errors on the motherboard just stopped working. There is no more lite, words or anything. It was working fine before I left for a 5 day trip and when I came back I turned on my computer, did all the windows updates and then I noticed the problem. Do you guys think it has anything to do with Windows? What about the mobo itself? Or do you guys just think the little lcd poster just broke? Before you guys ask I checked the cable to see if it loose and I check the pins on the motherboard and everything seems fine.
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  1. In BIOS there is a setting that controls the LCD poster. LCD Poster on/off, light on/off etc. Try it.
  2. I reset the bios and configured the LCD Poster and nothing. I think it just broke. What are the chances that it is the mobo and not the Poster itself?
  3. Maybe contact ASUS and ask for LCD poster replacement or buy one here.


    ASUS Computer International
    44370 Nobel Drive, Fremont, CA 94538
    Tel: 510-739-3777 Fax: 510-797-2102 Use this phone number it is the fastest way. Need to have serial number handy and they will send RMA info by email.
  4. If you call ASUS support they may send you a new one for no charge. Years ago they did things like that.
  5. I called yesterday and they told me to call the accessory department on Monday so they can send me a new one. I guess I will see what the deal is when I get the new one.
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    I would think if the MB failed a lot of other problems would show up. If the BIOS appears to control the device, looks like the LCD Poster itself went bad. Be sure to explain the board is under warranty.
  7. I currently have eight ASUS MBs up and running. From Socket A, 754, 939 and 775s. Never had a single problem with any of them. If I ever do, I hope support speaks english. They should. The Taiwanese are paying cash for homes around here. ;)
  8. I had the poster very close to my video cards. I think the heat of the card probably had something to do with the poster going bad.
  9. Well I ended up paying for one and should be getting it tomorrow. I will let you know the result.
  10. My LCD poster has worked every day for more than a year. I have had a good experience with my ASUS Maximus Formula SE X38. I want to takem it down, clean (blow it out) and installl the new Q9550 I bought from Microcentr for $169. This sytem has worked flawlessly OC'ed to 3GHz with a Q9450. I let it run 24/7 a lot. Sleep mode after 25 minutes. Hopefuly your MB is not failing. I have never RMA's a MB to ASUS. I have seven or eight of their units running currently and some for many years. Warrantys/support long past.
  11. I had to rma my Asus A8N32 SLi-deluxe before and already my rampage formula once. I really hope it is just the poster and not the board.
  12. I've had a 'perfect' experience with ASUS over the years. All my boards are up and running since my first purchase. I have a socket A and socket 754 running currently.
  13. Lucky you. Don't worry I still like ASUS.
  14. I got my poster today and tried it out and it worked. I think I just had the poster too close to my video cards and over heated it or something. Check out my rig and you will see what I mean.
  15. Yeah the heat was the likely source of it dieing. I run my LCD poster out thr back of the case and over the top and set the LCD on my desk outside the case.
  16. You know its kinda funny. The poster they gave me is a little different then the one I had before. The logo is of a "G" that says Republic Of Gamers around the letter while the old one is of an airplane that says Republic Of Gamers under it. I wonder if there is a difference.
  17. Look at this link. The one you can click has like a little airplane and the picture to the left of it has a "G".
  18. I'll have to check mine tonight. I once knew what all the functions meant, but it just sits there on my desk displaying the time.
  19. I'm on my A8N32-SLI Deluxe now. In the back room My ASUS socket 754 is set up if girls kick me out of this 'contract' room and use this computer. Then tommorrow, I'll be at our other office with my ASUS A8N-SLI. My stuff is getting old. Thats why I picked up the C2Q 9550 for $169 and an ASUS P45 MB. One soket 754 I have in a lab of ours is getting too slow for what we use it for. Clinical photography mainly. Then we keep avoiding buying new digital x-ray equiptment. We have stopped serious research for now, it's espensive. I have been to major conventions looking at all the latest technoloy regarding 'cone beam' digital x-ray, but not lately. Do you know anything about digital x-ray equiptment? I know more than the salesmen selling it. It is impressive. Our current equiptment is traditional x-ray with film that is deleloped with an x-ray developer. It would be great to take a skull film and have the image appear on the computer's hard drive (digital x-ray). Then using an overpriced software suite, create 3D imiging of the x-ray. One click of the mouse would produce hundreds of measurements of the bones for example. That measuring alone takes hours of our time. Hospitals and universitys have the latest digital x-ray equiptment. The time is fast approaching when prvate business like ours will too. We could already have this a few years ago. We had contracts all worked out to buy. But our equiptment works fine. I want to run this new technology though. I would be in charge. Nobody else here knows anything except my wife. And she wants me to do everything anyways.

    Edit for Writer's embellishments,
  20. My original LCD Poster is the 'G' model.
  21. That's funny!
  22. Well I guess I feel better. Thanks.
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