Check my build? :D
I want to spend less than 1,400$ (that's all the money I have really) and I just want to make sure everything is in line.
Also, Will a PCI-E 2.0 at 8x bandwidth (Dual or Tri SLI) really affect my gameplay? Just mulling it over. Thanks guys :D
Edit: The guy on my wishlist said I should use a 850w PSU if I wanna dual SLI... I don't think so lol.
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  1. You need different memory that can run at less than 1.65v, that memory you chose will fry your chip. I'd go for these:

    I'd also go for the P6T Deluxe V2, supposed to overclock better than the EVGA Board. You can probably get by with the 750tx for SLI, but I would also want the 850tx for a little more headroom.

    The Caviar Black version of that drive has a 32mb buffer and is faster and is only $5 more.

    If you want a cheaper case that has lots of room and good cooling, Check out the CM 690.

    No Cooler? If you wanna get the best performance out of the i7, you need to overclock. The S1283v is a decent cheap i7 heatsink

    Otherwise it looks good.
  2. +1 for xthekidx's post.

    Why do you need that SATA cable? Every MB these days comes with at least 2 cables and you've only got one HDD.

    BTW, add an LG burner.

    Even 850W is a bit small for GTX 285 SLI. nVidia's recommendations go from 1000W to 1200W. (Third dropdown list here:
  3. radiowars said:

    Also, Will a PCI-E 2.0 at 8x bandwidth (Dual or Tri SLI) really affect my gameplay? Just mulling it over. Thanks guys :D

    You're talking about an i7 build here. x58 boards that do SLI do dual-SLI at full 16x, no worries there. Only when you use 3 cards you have a problem, but for two cards it's OK.
  4. What I'm about to ask is a little off topic but...what's so legit about the Xigmatik cooler that makes everyone on this forum suggest it unanimously? Isn't the Cooler Master V8 a decent heatsink as well? I know that price is a bit much, but the performance makes up for it.
  5. We suggest it because for the price you can't do better. Yes the V8 cools better by like 1-2C, and $20 more.
  6. whoops, I am getting a CPU cooler. Xigmatek Dark Knight.
    And the HD is supposed to be the black version... I must have added the wrong thing.
    And yeah, add the Burner to the list.
    I guess I'll upgrade to the 850W psu, its only 10$ more.
    And the mobo, I'll think over the Asus V2.
    Thanks for all the advice. :wahoo:
    Edit: Yeah, I'll change out the RAM too. But I decided if I want to SLI later down the road (When Crysis 3 comes out) I'll upgrade the PSU then, cause its getting to be a little tight right now. Maybe I should just get a 260 now, and then SLI that later?
  7. If you need to cut costs, the graphics card should be the last place to cut. Also, saving $10 from the PSU now and then having to pay $100 later for a new PSU is wrong - it's like borrowing the $10 at 1000% interest.

    You could save some money with that CM690 case, or by not getting an aftermarket cooler at all and downgrading the MB to P6T (the plain-jane version, not Deluxe). You will get better fps with a i7 920 at stock and a GTX 285 than with a massively overclocked i7 920 and a GTX 260. Later, if you feel like overclocking, buy the cooler and go ahead.
    I've seen reviews showing the i7 920 at 3.8 GHz on the plain P6T, and others showing it at 4GHz on the P6T Deluxe. Of course, in real life your results may vary.
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