Best position for Corsair H70 in HAF-X?

I am about to receive my H70, May I know where is the best position to place the H70?

and recommendation for replacing the H70's FANs, i heard they are loud.
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  1. Place it anywhere there is a 120mm fan exhaust. If you go for quieter fans, you might likely also be lowering the amount of CFM blowing over that radiator, and also lowering the cooling efficiency (which is already 'iffy' compared to high end air coolers).

    And define 'loud'; it means many different things to many different people, so this is somewhat misleading.
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    the water lines will limit the amount of places where you can install H70(back exhaust is the closest )
    You want to pull fresh air from are some nice fans for your rad with good static pressure:
    and this fan would give you best perf. air flow-noise ratio:
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