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I was 'reading around' the forum and found no answer for my question, so here it is.

I just bought (after a little researching) a Intel E7400 CPU for my Dell Dimension e520. The problem is, I've installed the new CPU and when I turn the power on this is what happens:

- no beeps at all;
- diagnostic lights fire up in a non-existing pattern (1-3-4);
- the fan goes from zero to full speed (normal behavior) and when it was supposed to drop down the speed to regular, it keep "accelerated";
- no signal on the screen;

My main question is: Does my motherboard 0wg864 (as CPU-Z told me) supports this CPU?

a GeForce 9500 1GB is coming Sunday morning, and I know I'm supposed to get a new PSU (500w, at least?), but still, I've read here that Dell's PSU can supply enough power to run it.

The system (info ripped from CPU-Z):

Dell Dimension E520
Intel Core2Duo E6300@1.86GHz
Core Speed 1569.2 Multiplier x6.0, Bus Speed 266.0 MHz, FSB 1064.0 MHz (THIS LINE IS BASICALLY GREEK TO ME!)
3GB ram
GeForce 7300
350GB HD

Any thoughts on a possible solution? I've read something about a BIOS resetting or changes in configuration... But I'm so disappointed and frustrated that I rather ask for advices than keep disappointing myself on this... hum.. journey. hehe

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Your Dell Dimension E520 computer came out a year or two before the E7400 was even manufactured. Unless, there is an bios update for your motherboard to support the E7400. You are out of luck.
  2. Have you flashed your bios to the most recent one for your motherboard?

    Sometimes you need to clear cmos after changing a processor so try that first. The jumper is #11 on this diagram

    I couldn't find the processor support list so I can't tell you for certain whether or not it'll support that particular chip.
  3. Thanks everyone for the quick responses. Much appreciated on the south hemisphere.
    Anyway, I've upgraded the BIOS from 2.0.1 to 2.4.0 and cleared CMOS. Still, no luck.

    Any other thoughts or should I just curse Dell for the rest of my life? haha
  4. Well I read on the forums that it doesn't like 45nm procs but will work with a E6xxx line or Q6600/700
  5. The G965 chipset on that board doesn't support 45nm CPU's. You can always call Dell and get the manufacturer's answer.
  6. Yea OEM systems are notoriously bad for upgrading. They do not want you to so you keep coming back and buying a new system every couple years or so.
  7. If I am not mistaken, the Exxx 45 nm parts require a mobo capable of fsb(front side bus) speed of 1333. They may also require some additional voltage controls. I think you are out of luck. Contact dell to find out what you CAN upgrade to. It may be as good as a E6850(3.0)
  8. yea off the top i know that would not work. the tech wasnt there when the board was made. plus its a dell lol
  9. You can not use 45nm CPU's in that Mobo, BUT, you can install an E6700 or go with a Q6600 or Q6700 Quad Core CPU as long as you have the latest BIOS. I did in my DELL E520 along with 4GB(2x2Gb) CL5, DDR2-800. A PSU of 500W or more will work for any Video Card up to GF 9800+, watch your AMP requirements an be sure to get one 80%+ efficient, auto PF correcting. Power Factor is what your Electric Power company uses to bill you for your use.
  10. Your best bet would be to go to (but join and Paypal 1st to get cash back) and buy a Coolermaster RC-330 or RC-590 box, ASUS P5QC mobo, 500W-550W ATX PSU and a new CPU Cooler; cost ~$250. Take all the rest of your parts from your DELL and move them into the CM box (about 2-3 hours for a noob). Be sure to stay grounded while handling electronic components. A rubber band wrapped with 1.5"-2" wide piece of AL foil on your wrist, connected to your case with a 3-4 foot piece of wire (old speaker wire); or buy one for $12-$15. I Overclock my Q6700 in this Mobo RC330 box to 3.52 Ghz 24-7 using a Freezer Pro 7 CPU cooler with 4 GB (2x2GB) Corsair CL5 (5-5-5-18) DDR2-800 SDRAM. It will go up to 3.56 Ghz at 47°C before it gets unstable so I run it a little slower. I run BOINC work(SEE team site) on it 24-7 with the CPU loaded at 98%-100% without any problems these last 7 months.

    For a faster boot up go to your WIN XP, XP PRO or VISTA 32 bit/64 bit msconfig file. (Start, run/find msconfig, Boot tab/Advanced Settings. Click in MAX CPU's change to 2-4 CPU's depending on your CPU. Also click on MAX RAM and change to up to 3076mb. This will cut your boot time by 30%-50%!
  11. I think the OP got their answer about 3 months ago.
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