Upgrading 8800GTS

Hello,I want to upgrade my old graphic card (which is Nvidia 8800 Gts):

To something better. I have around 200$. I was thinking of buying this one but i am not sure if its much better.


Maybe there is better card, that cost less then 200$.

Please Help,
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  1. Look at the GTX260 and ATI 4870.
  2. I would definitely go with the GTX260
    I just upgraded to a gtx 260 superclocked from an 8800GTS and it's an awesome card.
  3. I'd get the first one. That's actually the same one I bought. Sucks you didn't buy it yesterday, it would have come with COD WAW for free.

    This is also pretty cheap after a rebate
  4. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121288
    hell lot cheaper and same performance class if not faster because its a overclocked model, not to mention free stalker oem game.
  5. How much RAM is on your current GTS? If its 512MB, avoid the GTS250, its the same card you already have in shiny new packaging. You want at least GTX260 or 4850.
  6. On a $200 budget, if you prefer nVIDIA, get a GTX260 Core 216 model. If you prefer ATI, get a 4870 1GB. No need to spend the extra money on factory overclocked versions of either. Go with a dependable manufacturer and their basic, or "vanilla" version. You can overclock it yourself very easily in the tools provided by nVIDIA and ATI with their drivers.

    You could also do what many people are doing and wait a couple weeks or so and see how the release of the new 4890 and GTX270 affect the prices of their sibling cards.
  7. alveos said:

    I'm a fan of nvidia and evga so I'm still going to recommend the evga card, plus I bought the same one.
  8. FYI, your 8800GTS 512 = 9800GTX(+) = GTX 250
    It is exactly the same as the newer cards just clocked a little lower.
    If you want a good, free upgrade, overclock it your self.
    If, after you give your self a free performance boost, it is still to slow, you will need at minimum a 4870/GTX 260 to show any further performance gain.
  9. Wait for the new cards coming soon, and see where things stand after they come out.
  10. San Pedro said:
    Wait for the new cards coming soon, and see where things stand after they come out.

    What cards?
  11. alveos said:
    What cards?

    GTX 275 and 4890
    Speculation is that both will perform just under a GTX 280 and offer a decent price point.
  12. So should i wait?
  13. I am also thinking og moving up from my EVGA 8800 GTS 512 mb. Seems when I push my e8400 to 4 GHz (8 X 500 fsb) my old 8800 GTS starts to bottleneck.
    I would wait at least 2 weeks to see if prices come down on the GTX 260 - 216 core models. It's a waste to upgrade to the 9800 GTX+ because you'd be spending $150 for at most a 5% performance gain. I wouldn't buy the 4870 either (bad drivers, heat issues, rendering issues - leaving out textures)


    For $178.99 w/free shipping get a brand new GTX 260 (216 cores) from Newegg.

    I'm betting that the GTX 275s will be under $200 in 3 months or less and that's what I'll be upgrading to.

    Watch out and don't by the old EVGA GTX 260s with only 192 cores!
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