Yet a gaming pc build! Need some help :)


I'm building a new gaming pc.

I really need some help choosing a processor and a graphics card. I've been thinking about the AMD Phenom II X4 940, but I'm really not sure. Should I go with intel, maybe? Which model? It's got to be something that costs about the same.

Regarding the graphics card, I'm thinking about going with Sapphire Radeon HD 4850X2 1GB GDDR3. Good idea? Bad idea?

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  1. the 4850x2 is a really nice card but i am pretty sure that the 4870 is better and cheaper...duno if the 4850x2 is worth it. now the 4870x2 is just a beast of a card and really nice :)
  2. 4850x2 is a great idea. here's the catch: Only Sapphire makes them, which means you'll rely on Sapphire for driver updates. If they come through, then you got a great deal. If they're slow, you might be stuck with a fancy new game that your card can't really handle well.
  3. Well regarding the GFX card, go wit the 2GB version of the 4850X2 cos it helps a lot wit higher resolutions...
    And now both AMD and intel have gud offerings at various price points...and the PII 940 is a very gud options...pair it wit a gud afermarket cooler and u can hit above 3.5GHz easy...
    Well now there is a new kid in the block who is making waves...te X3 720 Black ED...pair it wit a gud 790GX mobo wit SB 750, it also overclocks very very u could save some cash there too witout loosing out on performance...

    But the PII X4 is also a very gud buy....
    BUt my advice would be to wait till april or may if u can cos AMD is planning to release thePII 955 stock 3.2GHz...

    But if u cant wait, then wat u can do is get any gud AMD mobo, then stick wit the 7750 kuma for 6 or more months, then upgrade ur processor...the 7750 is also not also overclocks well...can compete wit the E7300 or E7400 frm intel...
  4. Thanks guys!

    I've done some adjustments:
    PowerColor Radeon HD 4870X2 2GB GDDR5
    Intel Core™ 2 Duo E8500 3.16GHz, Socket

    How does that sound? As far as I've understood there is little point to having a quad core these days, as almost no applications or games actually take advantage of all of the cores, and the E8500 certainly is cheaper. If I go for the Phenom II 940 or anything within the same price range, I'll have to go with a cheaper graphics card.

    Hmm, this is hard, hehe.
  5. What is your budget, and what are your other uses besides gaming?
  6. Lolz nice options...But do get an aftermarket cooler to overclock te E8500...And get a gud mobo...
  7. There isn't much of a point of me giving you a budget. I live in norway, so the prices here are higher than in the US, so I would ultimately end up with a build I cannot afford. :(

    Anyways, it's 1405 USD, and my other uses would mainly be browsing the internet, chatting and all of that nonsense. Maybe some video rendering and 3d rendering on the side, but very little of that. Gaming performance is what I'm looking for.
  8. Well considering ur usage, stick wit ur options...And overclock ur proc wit out fail :D
  9. About the good motherboard thing, will a MSI P43 NEO-F, P43 do? It's really the best I could do on my budget. :(
  10. E8500 and a GA-EP45-UD3P for CPU and Mobo
    4870x2 if you can afford it, or a 4850x2 (this may be completely overkill though, you don't need these if you are playing on smaller than 1920x1200 res).

    Get DDR2-800 ram, I like G. Skill PI Blacks

    If you want the option for xfire later down the road adding another 4850 or 4870, then go with a Corsair 850tx PSU, if no xfire then a Corsair 750tx or PC P&C Silencer 750w will do fine

    As far as HDD's, go for Western Digital 1tb or 640gb Caviar Black drives.

    Get Vista Home Premium 64bit for your OS

    For the CPU cooler look at Xigmatek S1283 Dark Knight cooler or the Scythe Mugen 2
  11. I actually don't play on playing on anything bigger than 1650x1080, so what graphics card do I go for?
  12. Well nice options by xthekid...
    like he said u can go wit the 4850X2 2GB rather than the 4870X2
    So saving some cash there, u can get a better mobo...the gigabyte P45 is one of the best out there...
  13. Ohhh....for tat resolution , go wit the 4870 1GB, more than enuf...then spend on a gud Gigabyte MOBO - GA-EP45-UD3P
    The best possible combination for u ...
  14. What are the benefits of getting a good mobo over just a decent budget mobo?
  15. If you went with the 4850x2, that would be more than enough GPU for your monitor, perhaps overkill, however you wouldn't need to worry about upgrading your graphics for a while. If you can afford it along with the other options I suggested, then I would get the 4850x2. If not, then the I like the Saphire HD 4870 1GB Toxic edition, which should be fine for your setup.

    The better mobo will allow for a better overclock and xfire later, which I would want to keep open if you decide to get a bigger monitor later.
  16. Well the benefits are -- u get a stable mobo for overclock...
    Better build, additional options, better support, and so on...

    So go wit the config...
    GA-EP45-UD3P Mobo,
    Gud 4GB RAM (if possible get the PI black very gud set of RAMS),
    Xigmatic CPU cooler,
    Sapphire 4870 1GB,
    A gud 550W or above PSU ( well if u plan to add another 4870 later, then get atleast 700W)
  17. which xigmatek cooler do I get?

    Xigmatek XP-S964 CPU Cooler
    Xigmatek HDT-D1284 CPU Cooler
    Xigmatek Red Scorpion S1283 CPU Cooler
    Xigmatek Achilles S1284 CPU Cooler

    By the way, thanks everyone! I appreciate your help alot
  18. Uhh I think the one you want is the S1283 "Red Scorpion" cooler.
  19. +1 1283
  20. Alright!

    This is what I've got:

    Intel Core™ 2 Duo E8500
    Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
    Western Digital Caviar® Black™ 640GB
    Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 1GB GDDR5
    OCZ DDR2 PC8000 4GB KIT, Reaper X HPC
    Chieftec Smart Series PSU ATX 550W
    APLUS Case CS-188AF, ATX, Black, 250mm
    Blue Fan
    Xigmatek Red Scorpion S1283 CPU Cooler

    Does that look alright? Can I expect to run crysis on highest quality settings dx10 1650x1080 fairly smoothly?
  21. Make sure it comes with the backplate for LGA 775 though. It is a necessity for the S1283 IMO.
  22. Uhh no name PSU is a no-no. Look at Corsair 550vx.
  23. Backplate for LGA 775? Huh? :p
  24. Dint get corsair or Antec-earthwatts or cooler master- real power for the PSU ???
    If u can get them...better than the chieftec..
    And nt sure abt Crysis though :P but u will be able to run Crysis warhead at highest at tat resolution...
  25. Got the Corsair Powersupply 550W, good enough? :)
  26. You will be able to run Crysis at high, but not enthusiast. I have the GTX 260 core 216 (which fares just slightly better than the 4870 in crysis) and gaming at 1440x900 I get a little bit of slow down with AA at 4x and All enthusiast settings every once in a while. If you want to play at max settings, then go for the 4850x2.
  27. Aaahhhh ****. God damnit! I forgot the fact that I need a monitor as well. What a giant letdown! I thought I had everything I needed... Hmm...
  28. LOL. Well its ok you can still make it work. Get an E7400 instead, it overclocks very well and will do fine, when it gets too slow in a year or so you can upgrade to a Q9650. If you do that and get the 4870 instead of the 4850x2, that should give you enough money to get a 22" monitor. Look at an Acer or ASUS 22"
  29. I'll have to either rethink this or sell my liver. Decisions, decisions.
  30. xthekidx has you covered. He also knows how to spell "good."

    The only thing I'll add is if it were me, I would not buy any X2 card, due to potential driver issues. If you're running two cards in Crossfire, you can always pull one out if there's a problem; not so with the X2.
  31. Potential driver issues? Hmm, that doesn't sound good.
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