DualCore Oor AM2 Athlon 7850

i'm loking for base line cpu,
DualCore E6300 and AM2 Athlon 7850.
Witch is batter?

it is very confuse @@
anyone help me?
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  1. I believe that E6300 is faster. 7850 is comparable to the E5200. You would need the Ph II 550 to match or improve performance over that E6300.
  2. The Phenom II 550 would be a better option, a little better than the E6300, probably around the E7xxx series. The Athlon II 250 is also a nice choice though, probably around the same performance as the E6300.
  3. In my experience, the E6300 is about 5% slower than the Athlon 7850. It's primarily because of the higher clock speed on the 7850.

    But in overclocking, the E6300 has a huge advantage, you can reach 3.4Ghz with the Athlon 7850 but the E6300 would only need about 3.2Ghz to reach the same performance level. It seems that the Core2Duo based processors by Intel is a huge FSB fan, making huge performance increases with FSB gains. While AMD's processor are making minimal performance games on FSB increase.
  4. The Athlon II is based off the architecture in the Phenom II, while the Phenom II X2 is simply a Phenom II X4 with a few cores dissabled. Anyway, the 7850 is based off the over Phenom architecture so it doesn't overclock that well and it runs pretty hot. Still, it's pretty comparable to the E5200, so it's generally slower than the 6300 by a good margin.

    The Athlon II 250 is a better choice. It's generally a little above the E6300 and is easy to overclock. Also, AMDs generally have lower platform costs and the motherboard is not as much of a limiting factor when it comes to overclocking.
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