Inputs for CM-690 side-panel mod

With my college ending soon, I should finally be able to do something that I wanted to do for a long time - mod my CM-690's side panel! :bounce:
Personally I don't quite fancy the transparent panel offered by cooler master. So I've decided to make one myself. The plan is to cut out a suitable region from the panel and replace that region with acrylic. Also want to shift the position of the fans.
Here is a quick draft of what I have in mind with all dimensions in cms.

The Black lines are the side-panel edges.
Blue lines enclose the region I want to cut out.
Red lines are all dimensions
I have left sufficient clearance around the region to be cut off. Even left sufficient clearance for the heatsink(CCF) to come in. (Atleast I hope I have!)
I want to concentrate the 120mm fans on the graphics card, NB & SB region as these regions get the hottest. Plan on having the FAN 2 120mm intake fresh air and FAN 1 exhaust air from that region. So it will provide quick circulation of air for that region. However I also wonder if having the intake-exhaust so close together could result in circulation of the same air, sort of like a vortex created in that region. Appreciate your views on this. Also the case is in the corner of my room, not directly under the fan - side panel to be modded facing towards the center of the room just in case that helps.
Then i also want to provide a small 80mm intake fan (FAN 3) just in front of the heatsink to provide fresh air for the CCF's 120mm and also cool my Ram modules.

My current fan configuration is as follows:
Front 120mm*2 (90+45cfm)
Bottom 120mm*1 (45cfm)
Side panel 120mm*1 (45cfm)

Back 120mm*1 (45cfm) - (This I will be replacing with a 90CFM 120mm soon)
Top 120mm*2 (90+90cfm)

Additional fans:
2*80mms over my HDD's
CCF's 120mm blowing towards the back

I will be providing dust filters for all intake fans too. Will also run about 2cm thin strips of aluminum across the case where I have to secure the fans screws. I haven't shown it in the draft but will put them for better support for the fans. Another thing is I'm planning on using 2~4mm thick acrylic. Is that sufficient? Any other suitable materials? Glass out of the question as it has tendency to retains heat. I don't want to bake cakes in my cabinet :na:

I look forward to your comments and suggestions. Also in case I've overlooked any important detail please let me know. I will probably set out to do this by the end of the month.
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