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I replaced my hard drive on a Sony Vaio VGN-S360. When I go to install the operating system I get "invalid system disk". I am trying to get into the Bios but had no luck. It is a phoenix bios and it appears the key to access is either F1, F2 or F3. I have tried each with no success. Is there something I need to do, after installing the hard drive, to allow access to the Bios. Thanks
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  1. Sometimes BIOS is F1, esc, or del. Check into that, you don't seem sure on how it's supposed to work. Also, sometimes they have a short time span for you to press the button, try mashing esc, f1 and delete as soon as it turns on.
  2. Once you do get there, you can set it for a longer period, so it wont be so hard to enter next ime, tho, keep in mind, it also adds to bootup time as well, but whats a few seconds?
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