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I have computer with Gigabyte K8N Pro motherboard with RAID 0 (stripped) from two Maxtor HDDs (80Gb each) on SATA SiI 3112 chip. Whole thing is running under Win 2000 SP4 without any problems.

Now I have runned out of space, and needed some extra storage, so I bought Samsung HD753LJ SATA HDD. Since there wasn't any extra SATA slots on motherboard I also bought PCI SATA controller card from Sunix (model is SATA2100).

The problem is, when I connect the new samsung drive, computer won't start. It goes through the BIOS, all RAID chips, but when it coming to start up the OS, it is just black screen. When I disconnect drive (but pci controller stays intouched), it starts normally.

What I have tried: Since Samsung HDD has 3 Gps/s speed, but host card has only 1.5 interface, I have tried to run the patch from Samsung site to decrease the speed to 1.5, but it didn't work, since patch don't see the drive at all, eventhought while booting, Sunix's BIOS (Initio) sees the drive normally...

Does anybody know about incompatibility issues with those components?

Thanks beforehand for the answers.
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  1. Don't know of any compatibility issues, but you should check your BIOS to see if your RAID array is set up as your main boot device. If you previously had HDD as your main device and added another HDD, usually a single drive will default as your boot disk. So make sure you move the RAID to 1st place in boot order.
  2. The order is correct. First floppy, cd and then scsi/raid. The order of raids is also correct, first SATA, then IDE then host card... :pfff:
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