EVGA GTX 260 SSC (192 cores) or HD 4870 Toxic

The GTX 260 costs £137 from scan, and the 4870 costs £138 from the same website. My current screen has a max resolution of 1440x900, but I'll be buying a 22" in a few months time. Which card will perform better? Are there any more pwerful cards for £140 from Scan or Ebuyer?
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  1. you would be better off with the nvidia card it has more memory than the ATI card which has 512
  2. both are good cards, they exchange punches depending on the game
  3. Until the next big hit, I'll be playing Crysis most of the time, with the odd other game.
  4. Then go with the gtx260 because crysis is more optimized for nvidia cards.
  5. http://www.in4.pl/recenzje.htm?rec_id=506&rectr_str_numer=5 u have test here from gefore 295 to 4870 including toxic, sorry for language its in polish but graphs are clear on performance, this test have 20 pages as well Ati 4870 is working on 85 Celsius temperature during heavy load and 260 55 nm just on 68 C and toxic on 71, as well 260 have better results in overclocking.
  6. The 4870 Toxic is generally faster.
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