Something wrong with my i7 - 950?


Im kinda new here so forgive me if im not following some instructions. Just wanna ask the experts if there's something wrong with my i7 - 950 cpu. Its running to hot under full load (using prime96) with temps up to 90+ (using stock fan) and now with the coolermaster v6 gt im getting around 70C full load and 40 at idle.

From where im at, its kinda hot, around 30~33C ambient. Are these temp normal? or is it just my cpu that's running hot? Btw, still used the default thermal paste that comes with the v6gt. applied it at first(too much thermal paste) got around 70C and reapplied it(placed a pea size at the mid and spread using a business card) after cleaning thoroughly, and still got the 70C temp.

Need help, thanks.

Heres my specs btw:
CPU: i7 - 950
mobo: p6x58d-e
case: 690 II advanced (2 fans intake(front and side), 3 fans exhaust(back and top)
cooler: cm v6gt
vga: gtx460
psu: corsair hx850
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  1. "cleaning thoroughly" Please evaluate on your definition of "cleaning thoroughly"
  2. Is the system overclocked? If so, load temps of 70 C is not bad. If it is not being overclocked, you have something wrong somewhere.

    Clear the CMOS RAM and go back to factory defaults and run the tests again. Assuming the HSF is properly installed, it looks like you have some kind of overvolt condition.
  3. @aznshinobi:

    I used a paper towel with isopropyl alcohol in clearing out the residual grease from the stock cooler. Did the same thing after my first application of the thermal grease which comes with the cooler.


    I guess its overclock, i used the xmp profile1 that comes with the board. cpu voltage is at 1.225V, DRAM bus voltage: 1.5V and QPI/DRAM Core Volt is at 1.4V.

    tried the factory settings before, and the temp are around 68C before using the xmp profile.

    have a newbie question. how do u clear the cmos ram?
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    I actually I think his temps are fine considering the high ambient temps ( 30-33C) idle at 10C above ambient is right on the mark even on my noctua should not need a core voltage of 1.4v at stock clocks even using xmp profile fro ram. but I see no problem with those temps with the V6 GT
  5. thanks for the reply guys, i guess this is really the working temp of my cpu. :)
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  7. thanks for besting me.. gotta give props.. again thanks
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