Problem with underclocking memory

I have watched this forum for some time, and I think someone could answer my question.

I have a very strange thing happening with my motherboard or memory.
First my specs:
Intel Pentium Dual Core E2160 (1,8 GHZ stock) (9x multiplier)
2 x 2GB Kingston Value ram DDR2 800 mhz CL5
MSI 8800GTS 512 Graphics
A generic 450 watt PSU powering motherboard, and another 400 watt PSU modded to power the 6 pin PCIE power for my graphics card.

My problem is that when I Overclock my FSB, I have to lower the Ratio on my memory. I pushed my FSB to 320mhz (1280QDR), so it was 2,9 ghz for my CPU with a voltage of 1.375, and everything was stable with my memory at 750mhz, with stock latency and voltage. ran 7 hours stress test without any problem.

When I tried to restart the next morning it would only do 3 long beeps, all the time, which meant incompatible or wrongly installed memory. I reset CMOS, and everything was back to normal. I oc'ed again, without problems, until the next morning, the same thing happened.
I can only overclock my fsb to 233, with memory multiplier 1.66, and still be able to boot the next morning.
Does anyone know what could be wrong?

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  1. Go to manual settings (not automatic) and do the OCing in the BIOS - after OC make sure that the RAM speed does not exceed the manufacturer's specs. Start the OC by setting the RAM ratio to a lower setting.
  2. & always check RAM with Memtes86+
  3. Try lower Ratio DRAM & increase Vdim
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