CD Drive malfunctioning

I recently installed Vista on a new HDD about a week ago. Ever since it managed to install, the CD drive has never worked. I've wanted to use my Vista CD to run a system repair when the OS started acting up, but it wouldn't read it. Maybe after like opening the drive 4 times and closing it and 10 minutes later it would manage to get to the first prompt but wouldn't do anything beyond that. I also bought brand new software today that I'd really like to use, but I can't because it doesn't read the media.

So far, I've tried running this which just stalls out, and I've cleared the Prefetch as well as deleting the lower/upper hardware filters installed by windows updates.

Any ideas?
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  1. Replace the data/ribbon cable. Use another power connector from the PSU. If that doesn't work - a new ODD?
  2. This is probably caused by a faulty CD drive. Probably all that is wrong with it is that some dust has gone over the laser lens. Try a CD lens cleaner or replace the drive.
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