Hard drive cables??

I am attempting to build my own computer, but I have ran into a wall.

First of all my hard drive has 3 slots one the bck, I know one is for power, the other is serial ata cable to connect to the motherboard I think and the other I have no idea. It has eight pins in it but no clue what it connects to. My hard drive did not come with a box or manual so I am lol. My main question is the if the ata cable connects to my motherboard and I am running on one hard drive, do I connect it to sata2_1 or sata2_0. Like I said before I am really lost lol.

My other question is about my is about my asus lightscribe Drw-22B1L combo drive. There are slots for a cable select, slave, and master. I assume I need to connect a cable to slave since my hard drive should be master but have no clue which wire or where to connect it. Also there are slots for analog and optical audio, again, not sure which cord is for there or where to plug it in.

I want to thank everyone who has responded to me on the forums. You guys have given me great advice over the last few weeks and I am learning alot, thankyou.
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  1. To answer your first question the 8 pins aren't actually for a connector. Its where the jumpers go. Your hard drive needs to be configured in most cases if its the master drive or a slave drive ect... This is how you configure your hard drive to know. The documentation on what to jumper is ussualy written on the top of the hard drive. (if your not sure what a jumper is google hard drive jumper) . The other part of your question is do i plug it into sata2_1 or sata 2_0. Plug it into sata2_0. This mean sata II connector 0. In general i'd reccomend putting your hard drive that is booting your os on 0. So you'll plug your CD/DVD drive into SATA2_1. If you are still confused write back with the hard drive and motherboard i'll try to find some diagrams for you.

    Second Question: You can either put this on cable select or master. Since this is an ide drive and your not (probally) chaining other devices to this. So just leave it on cable select or master...Either will work.
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