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I really don't see the point in a SSD as they're so expensive and I use my pc 90% of the time for gaming, rest is just browsing the internet. I can't really justify shelling out $130 for a ssd that will hold my os and one game, and the larger versions are out of my price range. But I have noticed some of these solid state hybrid drives. I really haven't heard anything good or bad about them. I could only find one brand on newegg, the Seagate momentus and a 500gb one is about $130. That's a little more than double what I was going to spend on a samsung 7200rpm drive of same size. $130 is the max I want to spend on my storage, it was what I was going to spend on a 64gb ssd, but I decided against it.

So my questions are, how close are these to performance of pure SSDs? How do they hold up? And are there any other brands you could recommend?
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  1. If you're comparing the Hybrid drives to SSD's, you'll be very disappointed. They are incapable of achieving speeds anything close to what SSD's can. However, if you compare the Hybrid drives to a standard 7200rpm drive, there is quite an increase in performance from what I've seen. The $/GB is much better than SSD's as well.

    7200rpm 3.5" < Hybrid < SSD
  2. tom did a review about those hybrid drives...
    not sure if you check it already or not...
    the drives put the most commonly used files or applications on the flash memory
    but for it to do that it has to know which are your most commonly used files... xD
    kind of lazy to surf a bit for that review...
    but it said that on first boot up the drive acted somewhat or exactly like a 7200 rpm hard drive
    on the second boot up the drive "learned" which were the most common used files (os files) and the boot up was significantly fast... acting somewhat like a ssd... a bit slower but a huge improvement from mechanical hard drives... :D
    but once you defrag it i think it erases everything from the flash memory so a boot after defrag would be like a mechanical hard drives...
    there doesnt seem to be a solution for that but defrag less... xD
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