8800GTXOC & Physx?

Hi, I currently have a 8800GTXOC from BFG and was wondering if putting a BFG Physx card in would improve gameplay on physx supported games, or if the 8800GTX was doing just as well without it?

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  1. i can't imagine the physx card w/ its 128mb of memory doing to much. Especially when its paired w/ the 8800 GTX
    since Nvidia bought out Ageia in Feb. of last year they've offered their phsyx on all 8 series and newer cards
    if you really want a physx card, i would recommend getting a second graphics card and using it as a physx card.
  2. whoa i thought the physics card was absolutely useless...he'll! i think ill get one!
  3. Ive got an 9800 gt running PhysX along side My 8800gtxsc.It makes a big difference in physx games.
    Dont waste $$ on anything less than a 8800gs 512,imo.
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