Which case for my motherboard - asus rampage 2 extreme + i7 920 + prol

got an asus rampage 2 extreme and i7 920 with prolimatek cooler

i was told to get an antec 1200 but seen some videos on you tube and its really tight fit
wondered what other cases there are that are up to the same quality and price.
the motherboard is 1 inch wider that standard motherboard.

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  1. CoolerMaster HAF 932 or CoolerMaster Storm Scout would be my picks.
  2. EDIT : Sorry Double Post.
  3. AKM880 said:
    CoolerMaster HAF 932 or CoolerMaster Storm Scout would be my picks.

    thanks have they got good air flow
  4. should i get the antec 1200 or haf 932
  5. HAF 932 has really nice airflow, but personally I go with Antec.
  6. OK heres the thing. The mother board is huge. I'm assuming you have already bought it and found out for youreself. i bought a coolermaster scout case before i bought the board and probably wasted my money becuse as i speak, the board wont fit. Any suggestions?
  7. Any case will do I got antec 1200 and it just fits and it's a great case keeps everything cool look for a case that supports ex-atx good luck
  8. The setup would fit any case with the provision to fit an ATX motherboard.. That CPU cooler though is a tight fit.. I'd suggest the CM storm sniper (not the black edition).. It has ample width to hold tower coolers.. HAF 932 is good but the lack of dust filters would become a concern for some (not to mention the design which many (me included), find ugly)..
  9. The r2e is an ex atx motherboard Not an atx motherboard there is an inch in diffrence
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