Helping my friend build a $400 machine, need help

his deadline is tmrw. this will just he a e-machine really. on board graphics is fine
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  1. Need to know some info first. what all needs to be included. Monitor, keyboard, mouse, OS ...ect. Do we have anything to work with? Any old parts? What is he planning on doing?
  2. just the box, it will run linux. all brand new. just internet and school work-firefox, openoffice etc.

    this is what I am planning on purchasing soon. This build includes monitor and keyboard and totals at 480. If you only need the box subtract 135 so that would come to 345.

    edit: On board graphics includes hdmi out
  4. link doesnt work
  5. can't redo the link now cause I'm replying from my phone but I'll give u the basics

    asus mobo
    amd Kuma 7750 2.7Ghz
    G.Skill (2x2Gb)
    9600 GT
    WD 320
    Raidmax Ares w/ 450W
  6. for what he's doing go with yoyo's build, unless you can get an amd quad and mobo for $190.

    Also Raidmax psu's are apparently worse than rosewill's so you should definetly stay away.
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