K8SD Pro + Opteron 285 SE 120W


Will Tyan K8SD Pro run Opteron 285 SE properly ?? this chip needs 120 W power suply (stardart Opteron 285 needs 95 W). I can't find limits for powering procesor socket, what's the maximum for this model ??

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  1. Yes. Under "archives support" it lists the socket 940 285 without any special bios requirements. Starmicro carries them for $90.
  2. Yes, I saw this listing, but there is no SE (SUN EDITION) opteron listed, i saw there few chips labeld HE does it mean the same SE= HE ?? Anyway this listing says 270HE is supported, no 285 SE/HE...does it matter ??
  3. I'm asking abut that, because X-bit Labs was speculating that not every MB will manage to run this version of opteron..
  4. and i already have this Tyan MB so nevermind about starmicro :)
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