WD6400 External HDD 640 GB

I recentlu had some problems with my Computor (BSOD's) the error code often if not always had something to do with a USB driver, usbheci.sys etc.
Thats not the actual question but when I finally solved the BSOD's I am facing another problem.
My external HDD "WD6400E8035-01 640 GB" is not showing up in My Computor screen.
But when I run Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows, WD own diagnostic tool for WD HDD's it is being recognized.
Also, Windows safe removal tool informs me that it's ready to remove the HDD safe.
Regular USB 2GB sticks works in the same USB port though.
I have tried the HDD in another computor and it worked like a charm.

Can this be a power-supply failure? Or is it a driver issue, what do you think?
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  1. Hi there,

    Need to know more information about your system, computer, OS, updates, HDD's. I'm assuming your ext WD drive was connected by a USB cable and port. Tell the group what happened and what you did to cause and correct the BSOD. Possibly the USB driver was uninstalled, or a virus sometimes masquerades as the usbechi.sys file.

    Run a thorough virus scan first. Then check in the system32 \ drivers folder for the usbechi.sys file. In my Win-XP system it is 30k 4/14/08.

    If not there in the run line use "sfc /scannow" which will check all the system files and if any are corrupted or missing will replace them. That might get you going.
  2. My OS is Windows 7 Home Edition 64bit OEM.
    I have ran several virus checks and they showed no virus. The scans used was, Malwarebyte Anti-Malware, avast! and Windows Defender.
    I can't see it in disk management so thats not the problem.
    It's interesting that you mention the usbehci since thats the file causing alot of my BSOD's. I'll look into that when I can.
  3. Can you see it in device manager ?? Maybe if you do, try to uninstall it from there and see if it gets detected correctly after unplugging/plugging... Just a thought...
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