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I have a 965P_DS3 m/b with an E4400 cpu, 4G ram, 8600GTS graphics card and a 550W PSU. I have overclocked the cpu to 3Ghz from the standard 2Ghz and have been running happily for well over a year.

Recently I bought a HIS 5770 card and installed it and the result was that all the disks and fans ran but there was no video signal. The PC did not even give its normal single short beep POST signal.

Without further modification, I reinstalled the 8600GTS and the PC booted again at 3Ghz.

I dropped the bios back to its default 2Ghz with the 5770 installed and the PC booted fine.

Can anybody give me an idea why the 5770 does not allow me to run with the CPU overclocked?

The best overclock I can attain is 2.1Ghz before the PC refuses to POST. The PCI Freq. is set to 100Mhz.
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  1. in the bios look for PCIE strap

    disable this if active
  2. May also be a psu issue,
    build your system in this:
    I run a 5770 on a 3.5Ghz overclock fine but psu's vary in quality and I'm not aware of your brand, might be your problem though
  3. spentshells - I am running with the F14 (latest) bios and it does not have a "PCI Strap" option at all. The closest thing is "PCI Express Frequency" which I have set to 100 from "auto"

    Motopsychojdi - the case is a CoolMaster Elite with a SunPro PSU rated at 550W. The +12V rail is rated at 17A.

    If it is the PSU, what I don't understand is why it will boot at 2Ghz but not anything higher that 2.1Ghz.

    Seems to me to be somehow related to the FSB but I have not been able to find anything that can explain the behaviour I am experiencing.
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    Ok, I hate to say it, but I will, that psu is junk,
    leave your pcie frquency at 100, do not move it at all, lock it there if you can :)

    I think you need firstly to go and buy a decent psu, 17A on a 12v rail is so bad I cant think of a witty putdown for it, your next purchase should be a good branded (Corsair,antec etc) 600w psu, it will last you a couple of builds and be well worth the cost,
    the reason it wont power you at more than 2.1Ghz is most likely becuase its alreqady struggling to provide you with enough power on standard speeds, you push it more and it gives up the ghost, plus its been doing that for over a year now as you stated,
    go on, new psu, see how you fare :)
  5. I thought the same about the PSU when I saw it again Moto but at 100W better than the recommended for the 5770 I thought it should have coped.

    A new PSU will at least come with a dedicated 6pin video connector rather than the 2 molex connections I am using at the moment to power the card.

    I will research a bit more before making the final decision. I had a quick look at the Antec TP750 with its modular connections but it is way more than I need even, into the future.

    It will take a couple of days to decide on which PSU will best suit the case and the power requirements.

    Thanks for your input
  6. no problem mate, have fun.
  7. Ok bought a Antec 650W and all is running well again
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  9. Glad your sorted man and ty for B.A.
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