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I have a 965P_DS3 m/b with an E4400 cpu, 4G ram, 8600GTS graphics card and a 550W PSU. I have overclocked the cpu to 3Ghz from the standard 2Ghz and have been running happily for well over a year.

Recently I bought a HIS 5770 card and installed it and the result was that all the disks and fans ran but there was no video signal. The PC did not even give its normal single short beep POST signal.

Without further modification, I reinstalled the 8600GTS and the PC booted again at 3Ghz.

I dropped the bios back to its default 2Ghz with the 5770 installed and the PC booted fine.

Can anybody give me an idea why the 5770 does not allow me to run with the CPU overclocked?

The best overclock I can attain is 2.1Ghz before the PC refuses to POST. The PCI Freq. is set to 100Mhz.
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  1. Find out what version of the board you have and then update the BIOS:


    That would be my first try anyway. F11 says specifically "fix PCI-E overclock issue" so perhaps it's related.
  2. Running the F14 bios and in another thread titled the same as above the answer provided was to change the PSU which I did and which resolved the problem.
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