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When I OC my 5830, I notice it doesn't auto down clock to the usual 157 core 300 memory. I was expecting a slight proportional increase with the down clock such as the Phenom chip I have, however the memory frequency remains the same at 1150mhz or whatever frequency I use. The core drops to 400mhz though, which is a least somewhat better. Is this normal? I hope not.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. What is your monitor resolution? How is it connected HDMI, DVI, and how many monitors?

    I noticed this happening when I ran 3 monitors eyefinity. It is normal.
  2. One 24"monitor 1920/1200, DVI.

    So bascially, if I want any type of power savings or to have the card run cooler while not gaming, I should remove the OC. Seems cheesy to me.

    Thanks for the reply.
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