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Is there any point in having higher then 1333 MHz RAM modules with an Intel i7?,SLBEJ

Memory Types DDR3-800/1066

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  1. i7 is a beast at OC and you can run it @4ghz with some tweaking.And because when cpu speeds goes up,so does the memory speed,you need to be sure that whatever memory you buy wont hold back your CPU
  2. I don't think so.. I don't see the connection between OC the processor with speeding up the transport speed from CPU to RAM... over the maximum 1066 / 1333 depending on i7 version.

    I did some more research and guess what:

    What is the maximum frequency for DDR3 memory when used with Intel® Core™ i7 desktop processors?

    These processors support DDR3 memory with a maximum frequency of 1066 MHz. If faster DDR3 memory is used (such as 1333 MHz or 1600 MHz), it will be down-clocked to operate at 1066 MHz.

  3. When you overclock a CPU with a locked multiplier, you are messing with the bclk. The memory is also referenced from the bclk. Lets say you go to a bclk of 200 (stock is 133). Then, the memory multiplier that used to give 1333 will now give 2000, the multiplier that gave 1066 will give 1600, and so forth.
  4. Price for Performance gain, 2000Mhz < 1333Mhz

    I game alot and I prefer to just get some low frequency RAM with TIGHT timings. Rather put your spare cash towards CPU cooling/ GPU.
  5. So if you want to use cheap RAM, you want to use the lowest memory multiplier available. Unfortunately the memory mutipliers for i7 dont go low enough to use value DDR3, with a substantial overclock.
    This is extremely unfortunate because for the most part, there is little real world gain in running your RAM at extreme speeds. Overclocking an i7 920 to 4ghz while keeping RAM around 1066 would offer overclockers a cheap solution. Alas, you'd need to pony up for some half decent sticks.
  6. OCZ Gold 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 I have 12 gigs and love it worked right out of the on vista 64 the only trouble i have is getting ubuntu ue 2.2 to see all 12 gigs. I paid 200.00 for the set cant beat it
    the i7 and x58 systems will change your timings and clock to be in proper multiplier with your processor etc. to get your ram running at 1600 mhz expect to clock your i7 to 4.0. you will also have to manually set your timings in the bios.
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