Software Raid speed advantages? or Cheap PCI x1 raid controller?

I have 2x 150 hard drives but my mother board has no raid i was wondering if software raid would speed up the system at all as in using the dynamic drive feature in windows 7 vs the speed advantage for a $30.00 Raid controller i found on

General speeds would be greatly appreciated because i have never done software raid and i don't wanna do it and potentially lose data if its not worth the speed bonus.
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  1. In terms of real world computing there is no major boost in performance with RAID 0. Some tasks such as Drive Encryption get a good boost but for the average user there is not much profit in it. RAID 1 for redundancy is a good option for many. I would recommend RAID 0 only for those who have a specific purpose for having it.
  2. Honestly, I doubt you're gonna see much of anything in real world applications, though it should boot a bit quicker. RAID 0 also statistically fails sooner than one drive on its own, and you lose the data on both disks. I also assume your 150GB drives are not new?

    If you are going to try it, I guess I'd go with the hardware raid. Carefully.
  3. There not new but hardly used at all maybe 10 hours use on them before i got them and i have not had them over a month yet i think ill just leav them as they are because it boots pretty fast as it is and load times on games are almost nothing so it does not really matter.
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