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I have been wanting to get a SSD PCI-E x4 card for the very high speeds of it but i was thinking of using it as the boot drive and i have not been able to find a motherboard with a BIOS which supports booting from the PCI-E slot. So in short my question will be is there one? If not when will there be one ?
It will be for a new computer so there is no computer build for it yet.
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  1. Since it would be recognized by your BIOS as a HDD, you should just have to select the SSD as the boot device. However, since you are planning to build a new system, why not just use a conventional SSD plugged into a SATA port and save the PCI-E slot for other uses?
  2. i am asking is there a BIOS which regonizes PCI-E SSDs as a boot device. and the reason for this is because i want to over load as much as i can from the conversational hard drives which are my bottle neck right now with a SATA 3.0 Gb/s drive as the boot drive and it doesn't get faster only stays the same even when changing out parts all except for the hard drive and i want it in the PCI-E slot because really what else would go into the PCI-E x1 slot?

    in addition this is to be a development computer thus the need for speed for making up to date 8 thread animations and such thus i want the OS hard drive to be able to keep up with the speeds of the CPU and ram and not be a bottle neck because of the lack of speed for the hard ware which it sits upon.
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