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Hey having a few problems with the family desktop pc. I know no one likes BSOD posts but I don't know where to go! It's a dell dimension 6400 and is about 5 years old now. Parents refuse to replace it.... but recently it's been having blue screens. First time I couldn't be bothered to try and diagnose it so just re-installed windows, but now it's happened again on the new install, practically a week later.... Not really sure what to do about this, the only things that are really used on the computer are thunder-bird, windows mail and the internet browser. Any ideas on what I can do about this, or where to start in fixing it? Thanks.

Error message:
Fatal System error STOP code : 0xC000021a.
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  1. I know it's a long shot that someone will be able to guess what the problem is, but if there's anyone out there that may have had this problem? What did you do to fix it?
  2. Driver updates can cause this, especially if wrong drivers where auto-downloaded.
    I would go back to Dell and get the drivers for your PC and install the right ones.
    Go to control panel and set Auto-Update to NOTIFY then download updates.
    This will wait for your approval and when going to "Custom" it will allow you to choose what to download and what to install. I hope you ARE running an anti-virus/spyware/rootkit program, may want to do a full scan. Empty temp folders in Documents and Settings as well as recycle bin. Did Thunderbird install 3rd party apps. ?
  3. Thanks for your reply! Full scans have been preformed in normal mode and safe mode, malware scans, virus scans, spyware scans all of them clear. I don't auto download anyway, and It might be a driver although all my drivers for the pc have been installed directly from the dell site. And only install the main ones I need (video, audio, network). I have no idea :/
  4. The error could be caused by a 3rd party application.
    Try running 'msconfig', going to the 'services' tab, and checking 'Hide all Microsoft services'. Uncheck everything still displayed, and from there, restart and see if the problem still persists.
  5. Hi

    More often than not, the error code is likely to be related to either software or driver compatibility issues. I have included a link to help you with some details and resolution steps to try and fix this.

    I am sure this should give you more insight to the problem. If you still have any concerns please get in touch with our tech support and will be glad to help. However I would like to update you that as the warranty might have expired, it would be a paid support.

  6. Also motherboards don't always just blackout die, sometimes they spark crackle and pop, mine is 2004 and I am having BSOD and anomaly issues. If you already checked all available options, don't stress over it, might be time for a new MB.
  7. After a bit of searching I managed to find out some information about that stop code. It's to do with some windows security module that when disabled BSODS the computer. It can also be to do with a certain file that's been altered. I'll paste the links on here tomorrow, in case it's interesting to any one else, they're on the other computer atm.
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