Laptop RAM help!!!

i an trying to decide between and
the mushkin is only 20 more and is 800mhz but the Crucial has a lower latency with 667mhz.

my question is whether mushkin uses better chips then crucial and is it worth it to jump to 800mhz for the 20 extra dollars?
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  1. The higher MHz should make more of a difference than 5 vs 6 CAS, though both are minimal.

    My question is, what the heck are you using a laptop for that you need 8GB of RAM? I hope it's a desktop replacement at least.
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    Have you verified Ram compatability for Your laptop (Didn't see Laptop brand/Model). Bear in mind laptops can be very picky about memory. Also is your laptop bios locked, or can you get to Memory settings. Go to manuf web site to see if they show compatibility for your specific laptop.
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