Unable to view Websites, able to Ping sites.

I am running Windows Vista Home. I am able to ping www.yahoo.com. I am however unable to view www.yahoo.com with a web browser. I have tried FIREFOX 3.0, Safari, and IE 7. All give there different versions of the message "unable to Display this Webpage". I am able to run Microsoft Updates on the Machine so I know I can get out. Any ideas on what would shut down my ability to browse. I have run AVG 8, S&D, and Windows Defender. All Return no problems found. NIC card pulls a good DHCP address. I have flushed DNS Disable the card and reenabled it. I am at a complete lost. Thanks for the help.
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  1. Does ipconfig /all show the correct DNS? If you try to access www.yahoo.com using the IP address (, does it work?
  2. Any other websites you can or can't get to?
    Check your hosts file. C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc. Open it with notepad and make sure there is no entry for yahoo.
    Check your firewall and make sure its not blocking that page(s).
  3. Uninstall the Anti virus if it is out of date / simply uninstall and check it may work.
  4. Try pinging then try pinging www.google.com. If you can ping but not www.google.com then your DNS server is down. Try using an open one like or
  5. He said he can ping the sites, but cannot go to them, probably need to add the web browsers as a trusted app in your fire wall, that or you set up the browsers wrong like gave it a proxy server or something.
  6. If some jackwad changed his host file with an entry www.yahoo.com what do you think would happen when pinging it?

    Try rolling back to an earlier restore point where it worked then again he said IE 7, doh!!!
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